One of the most important services provided by Seed Point Music Publishing for creators and rights holders is to control and ensure the payment of royalties for their music works, when used for commercial purposes.

As an experienced and reliable Music Publisher, Seed Point Music Publishing will arrange the best possible use of the music compositions of its composers and lyricists, in Greece and worldwide, seeking the most attractive and advantageous agreements relating to advertisements, movies, tv productions, promotional campaigns and in general to a variety of platforms.

Seed Point Music Publishing provides to its composers and lyricists the following services :

  • Registering the works of composers and lyricists with all appropriate Copyright Collecting Societies in order to effectively monitor, track and claim royalties.
  • Promoting composers, lyricists and their music to performers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, TV and film producers, record companies, music collections, new technologies, etc.
  • Licensing the use of a music work in whole or in part.
  • Promoting and exploiting a music work abroad through its sub-publishers’ network.
  • Controlling the statements of distributed royalties by the Copyright Collecting Societies.
  • Updating the rights holders through graphics and other statistic tools.
  • Reporting regularly the rights holders on the current market situation.
  • Payment of resulted royalties in a direct and transparent way, two to four times yearly, delivering detailed and comprehensive royalty statements.